Diane W. Collins
Diane W. Collins, Founder

MARKETINGWEB.COM is a marketing consultancy originated by Diane W. Collins in November 1997. Ms. Collins is the owner and founder of the company and remains its prime strategist.

Marketingweb.com has been privately funded since its inception. The company was profitable one year and nine months into operation. "We have always believed in the bottom line. While others sought to provide free information to gain "eyeballs" and "ad revenue", Marketingweb.com sought to build confidence. Initially, we established our reputation online by providing free, reliable Internet marketing information. The purpose was to build trust... the best foundation upon which to launch our consulting services."

Diane W. Collins began her marketing career as Director of Development for The American Lung Association - Dallas, Texas. Ms. Collins (then Diane Wicklund) worked with notable companies and personalities including Neiman-Marcus; Warner Brothers; Republic Financial Services; The Aerobic Center; The Horchow Collection; Southwestern Medical Foundation; and the late Charles Schultz in devising programs, events and obtaining grants benefiting the non-profit organization. Ms. Collins moved to California in 1983 and a career in financial services in 1984 marketing insurance and securities as well as training financial representatives.

With the advent of the commercial Internet, Ms. Collins left financial services to found Marketingweb.com in November of 1997. Her quest--discover and share the best, ethical marketing techniques the Internet had to offer small and emerging companies. Through her published live, online chat interviews with such personalities as Paul Graham, Producer, Yahoo! Store; Robert Frankenburg, past CEO of Novell; Karl Salnoske, General Manager E-commerce, IBM and notable Internet marketing specialists and authors such as Vince Emery, Jim Sterne, and online security specialist Lincoln Stein, Ms. Collins accomplished her goal. (VISIT FULL CHAT ARCHIVE) Marketingweb.com was soon recognized by MSN as a respected Web Directory for Internet marketing methods and was awarded the title of "Cool Site" by Yahoo! In 2000, Ms. Collins' growing reputation led her to speaking engagements at conventions including International CES annually held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada. Marketingweb.com grew to become a respected merged media consultancy serving both SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. In 2008, Ms. Collins moved Marketingweb.com to Texas... back to the state where her journey began and changed the company focus to political consulting, communications and advocacy. GiftWrappingAir.com and EndForeignOilDependence.com are examples. Our social media expertise and reach is demonstrated by our GiftWrappingAir facebook page which during the 2012 Presidential Campaign produced over 56,000 "Likes" on an ad budget of $10 a day.

So, what's the elevator pitch for those in need of political communications and advocacy? Winning elections takes expert merged media communications. Everyone's looking for a unique, competitive change in their communications mix that creates the edge. Change that positions you more effectively against the competition, takes voter market share, and increases your base. That's what we do. "We create competitive change."TM To find out how CONTACT US or call me at 214.226.1200. I look forward to working with you!"


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